First time at St Paul?

Worship services are 9am Sundays and 6:30pm Wednesdays.  Our 9am Sunday worship varies in style from month to month, from traditional Lutheran liturgy with classic hymns to a simplified order with praise band, to blended services.  We prefer one Sunday worship service, with variety, rather than multiple Sunday services.  Recordings of our worship services are available by selecting "service recordings" from the menu above.

We know that attending a church service for the first time can be a scary thing... Being unsure of how to dress, the culture or even when to stand up and sit down can be a weirdly paralyzing thought! At St Paul, you can expect friendly and authentic people, engaging and relevant music and worship, compelling preaching from the Bible, and an opportunity to encounter God. You will be encouraged and perhaps challenged. 

You can listen to our worship live on KIWA Radio from their website or by tuning to 100.7FM or 1550AM.

We hope that you can join us as we celebrate Christ!

Worship the King

When we gather, we are the holy temple of God. We, the people of God, the Christian congregation are God’s dwelling place. When we gather together as God’s holy temple, together, we are recalling the promises of God and responding in worship, adoration and praise for God’s unending faithfulness and presence. As we gather in God’s presence, we are being formed, shaped, and transformed into his likeness.

It is as Paul so pastorally reminds us,  “And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” (2 Cor. 3:18)

When we are formed into his likeness, we step into our neighborhoods with a unique love, grace and joy like Jesus who lays down his life for his friends, neighbors and strangers.

Teaching from Scripture

Reading & preaching of the Word is essential to Lutheran Christian worship, more than any other element.  We approach the scripture as something living and active, and trust that the Spirit is at work on us as we read, speak, or hear the Word.

One of the foundational Lutheran understandings is that of the “performative Word.” 

Just as God spoke creation into being by way of His Word, God continues to form, transform and recreate by way of His Word. God’s Word does things. 

We learn from John ch 1 that Jesus is God’s Word. And so another key element to Lutheran understanding is that in a mysterious way God’s proclaimed and written word communicates Jesus (almost like a taxi carrying Jesus to us.) So that in the proclamation of the Word, including when it is combined with a material substance (bread, wine and water), Jesus really comes to us. Herein lies the authority of the Bible for Lutherans. It is not authoritative because of it’s inerrancy or infallibility in a fundamentalistic sense. It is authoritative because of who it conveys – Christ.

Children in Worship

Parents are encouraged to bring their children to worship, as we believe the act of worshipping God together is a crucial model for lifelong faith.  We hope this is not practiced as a faithless duty or a performance, but a continuation of the faith practices Christian families share.  Talking, crying, laughing, noisy children are welcome here, because they remind us we are family and all being formed in faith.  

If you need to step out of worship with your child, a nursery is provided downstairs with rockers, a changing station, a small bathroom, a few toys, and streaming audio from the worship service.

All ages are welcome in the service, and education time follows. Each Sunday there is a children's moment during the service where kids are invited to come forward to hear a special message.