Lord, teach us to pray

  This request, recorded in Luke 11, comes to Jesus from his disciples.  Today it is still being made, perhaps by you yourself!  In fact Jesus did teach his disciples about prayer, and we can learn a lot about prayer from what is recorded in the Bible. But we also can learn from practices that have been handed down through the years as well as from first hand observation & participation.

  All Christians are encouraged to pray, but not all of us have grown up with prayer or experienced various ways of praying.  If you're interested in learning more about prayer, discovering new ways to pray, finding encouragement to pray, meeting others to join in prayer, or requesting prayer, this page is for you!

To request prayer for yourself or someone else, please email the Church Office.

If you want this prayer request shared with a prayer team and/or the congregation, please explain this, otherwise the staff will honor your desire for confidentiality and relay information to the on call pastor and not tell others.

If you would like to be part of a prayer group (learning by doing), please email the Church Office.

Links to online prayer groups, ideas, & instruction:

Ten Ways to Pray with Kids

Pray for Me campaign

Prayer Resources

Help Me Pray

Prayer Apps

What did Jesus Say?

Simple Prayer Ideas

Experiential Prayer Exercises

Martin Luther's basic prayer instruction.  Keep in mind these are translations of Luther's writings from the 1500s; the times / context / culture was different, but there are still important lessons here.